Sausalito Garden


Designer: Shades of Green Landscape Architecture; Sausalito, CA.

When we were invited by the new owners to take a look at this flat 6,350 square foot lot, there was not much to salvage after the property’s long-term neglect. The yard consisted of a few mature trees, crumbling fences, a concrete driveway, weeds, and exposed soil. The clients retained our services to help them create a budget friendly, low maintenance, drought tolerant and edible garden. We designed a beautiful and sustainable space by focusing on using two inexpensive materials, concrete with fly ash and locally sourced gravel. Water availability is a primary concern in California that we addressed by using low water use plants and ensuring all hardscape areas are permeable to infiltrate all rain and irrigation water back into the local water table. By repeating a theme of linear concrete pavers surrounded with gravel we brought a modern feel to the various relaxation and entertainment areas around the home. This pattern can later be expanded upon with more paving or contracted with more planting without disturbing the cohesiveness of the design. Existing mature trees with sculptural qualities were kept and complemented with a palette of succulents, natives, grasses, and other drought tolerant plants. The front yard transformed into a private entry courtyard for receiving and entertaining guests. The side patio is an outdoor dining room under a mature Japanese Maple tree. The backyard is intended for relaxing and growing food with a no-mow lawn providing a verdant, low maintenance and drought tolerant undulating surface.