Pamet Valley


Designer: Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architecture

This project illustrates one strategy for sensibly incorporating residential development in an environmentally responsible manner on a one acre lot set within a new subdivision on Cape Cod. Concerned about the impact of development on the established ecosystem, the design team worked together to create a strategy that would meet the owner’s functional needs while minimizing both the impact and area of disturbance. This strategy concentrated construction to a flat, L-shaped hilltop meadow near the center of the site. By allowing the existing conditions to guide the new development, the designers were able to significantly reduce the levels of disruptive earthwork on the site. The narrow footprint also allowed the preservation of the majority of native vegetation which was subsequently incorporated into the overall planting design, reducing the amount of off-site plant materials needed for the project. Introduced plant material was largely comprised of native species and designed to complement the patterns of established on-site vegetation. When introducing paving materials to the site, the landscape architect used materials common to the Cape Cod vernacular to define a variety of bold, contemporary spaces. These materials ranged from raised wooden boardwalks to a simple stone terrace accented with bands of stone collected at a nearby beach. Paving elements along with shingled garden walls and existing vegetation reinforce a sense of privacy from nearby neighbors. This feeling of enclosure will grow as the planting matures providing a more striking contrast with open vistas across the adjacent meadow.