1/8th Acre Oasis


Designer: Spaulding Landscape Architects, USA

The rear of the property is only 50 feet wide and 110 feet deep (smaller than a tennis court). The driveway to the garage did not function well, and to accommodate the car almost half of the rear yard would have needed to be paved. The design solution was to create a garden, not a parking lot.  The design brings the large local bluestone pavers across the entire width of the property. Every stone is at least twice as long as wide and oriented lengthwise toward the rear of the property. Over 600 square feet of impervious asphalt and 300 square feet of concrete pavers were removed and replaced with grass jointed bluestone slabs set on stone dust. The existing lawn was approximately 2,000 square feet and the current circle of grass is only 200 square feet. The remaining 1,800 square feet of removed lawn area now contains stone paths, native trees and shrubs, and over 30 types of groundcovers, which eliminates the need for yearly mulching.  Site work started in August of 2010 and the project was completed in 3 months. The owner had a house warming party in June of 2011 and transformed the bluestone slab driveway into an al fresco dining experience for 30. The client was thrilled to see everyone exploring all of the nooks and crannies of this very intimate garden and occasionally “walking the circle” to see how the view changes.